Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break and Such


I made it to spring break! 
Finally a moment to relax and not be going at 100mph.

I haven't gone anywhere special this spring break. And honestly, I'm ok with that. The fact that I just get a break is what matters to me.

The agenda: sleep. tv. sleep. repeat.

But before was nostalgic.
I helped out at the track meet. It brought back high school memories for me (I totally miss high school track!) and it was great to see some of my students run their events. I think they should host a teacher medley! I'd be running out there! :)

What is everyone else doing for their spring breaks?!


  1. Nothing and it feels SOOO great!! Trying to squeeze in some Springish cleaning and a little bit of time with friends...but sleep, tv, sleep, repeat is pretty darn good! :)

  2. I'm sooo looking forward to mine, it's the week after Easter. My husband has off too, and we are kicking around the idea of heading to Pittsburgh or somewhere for a couple of days. But we may just end up sitting around and zoning out a little bit too. :-)