Digital Citizenship

With the fast rise of the digital world in the last 15-20 years comes a new way of communication. Social media, emails, and texting are the new normal means for communication. As technology and digital learning environments are integrated within school systems, the need to understand digital citizenship and emerging educational and legal challenges is necessary for teachers and educational leaders to guide students through the online "world."

I have developed some reflections on the digital world in regards how technology is shaping education and to the importance of digital citizenship:
Throughout the course of studying digital citizenship, I developed a multitouch book that is free for download on the iBooks store. This book provides an introduction to guiding students to become well-rounded digital citizens that leave a positive digital footprint on the world. You can explore the book to learn about Mike Ribble's proposed nine elements of digital citizenship.
When students create digital works and interact on a digital platform, we want to instill values of digital citizenship daily. Teaching and modeling copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons licensing in our work and in their products gives them authentic ways to leave a positive digital footprint. View these resources below to help your students stay safe while creating awesome things online!