Saturday, February 18, 2012

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!


I totally passed the PPR exam! The last step to finishing out my 1st year teacher business. What a weight lifted off my shoulders! Time to celebrate!
Let's eat some cake to celebrate :) 


  1. Congratulations, I am sure it feels sooo good to have that done!

  2. Hey Rhoda. Congrats on passing! I wanted to reply back to your comment and wasn't too sure if it would have gotten to you from my blog. But onto the question of skinny pants. I do have one pair from The Limited that are straighter legged. However, as you can see I hardly wear dress pants, lol. If I do wear pants it'll be skinny jeans from Express (I don't know why I have such loyalty to this particular brand but most of my jeans are from there). Hope this helps!

    1. congrats rhoda!!! I'm not sure what exactly that test is, we must call it something different here in ca, but whatever it is, yeah for it being over, done with, and passed :)