Friday, January 22, 2016

The Why, How, and What of Technology Integration

There is something unique about the word empower; it is a word filled with authority and strength-beckoning for action. The ability to empower a student, rather than “guide” or “help” automatically creates a sense of urgency and necessary action. It creates a sense of responsibility for the teacher to act on their duty to give strength and authority to their students so they can truly achieve their highest potential.

Teachers themselves need to be empowered to do so. By evaluating the last two years of our 1:1 iPad initiative and creating a common vision for technology integration, we will have the ability to create differentiated professional development that gives teachers the experience they need to use the iPads in the classroom. 
Ownership of the experience for a student will become a top priority for the teacher and administrators as we learn to foster an atmosphere of collaboration, communication, thinking critically, and creatively through the use of iPads and technologies.

Empowering students to be innovators, inquirers, and knowledgeable is a challenge that most teachers would take on. Taking the time to evaluate, set goals, and develop professional develop will give us the opportunity to do great things and grow together as a school.

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