Wednesday, May 6, 2015

SmartScopes in Science

Our science department recently received SmartScopes from Smart School Systems and we are just in love with them! We have the iGo that connects directly to the iPad. It's easy to set up. The app itself allows for images and video of what you are looking at that drop into the camera roll.

Exploring the thread on a purse.

One of my favorite things about these is how much my kids love using them. I try to keep them available to use whenever they would like to. The exploration and discovery that comes from them is awesome! I just couldn't get them to stop using them!

Priceless expression from looking at a scab at 200x magnification!

I totally am not endorsed by this company, I just wanted to share some awesome tech with y'all!

Next year I want this to be an activity within the 1st week of school. Maybe I'll tie in some digital citizenship and learning how to be acclimated to the iPad in our 1:1 science classroom. It would be fun to create a scavenger hunt using the iGo SmartScope!

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