Monday, October 7, 2013

Year 2 of flipping: What I've Learned

This year my district has invited any teachers to join in on professional development called "Unlocking Your Genius." I decided to join in--desiring to learn more, at my own pace and with my own choice in learning, and to reflect on the transformation my classroom and curriculum is undergoing. 

I was asked to talk about why I flip my classroom (check out the video, I'm the 2nd teacher in the interviews!)

Since flipping I've learned:

  • Video's shouldn't be longer than 10 minutes (still a lesson I'm learning).
  • iTunes U is a great place to store all flipped videos and instructions!
  • Youtube is a great place to make playlists per topic: you can mix your own videos and other videos into one playlist.
  • Students sometimes need a few nights to complete video lessons (extracurriculars take up time).
  • You don't have to grade their notes--often I provide a google form for students to give me feedback on the video so we can tackle issues in class together.
  • Not all students like the videos--such is the tug-of-war experienced among the tradition learning vs student-centered.
  • You don't have to create your own lessons! I have software to make my own (students like to see YOU in the video, and you're cute dog!), but there are great flipped teachers out there! 
    • Find my youtube channel search-mrshahnbiology in youtube
  • Some flipped lessons can be done in class: I've cut back on the videos I give my students compared to last year and have provided time in class to watch them. They enjoy that.
  • Flipped classroom is great for very difficult content: some parts of biology require practice, practice, practice. Having the students get some knowledge under their belt before hands-on inquiry really helps in the conversations I have with my students.
  • You don't need videos to flip: pre-reading an article or topic is also flipped!

Have you flipped? I challenge you to try to flip one lesson and see how much more time you have to be hands on and in the dirt with the students (instead of standing at the board going through powerpoint!). You'll see some very rich conversations come out of your classes--right from your students!

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  1. I teach biology and am thinking about flipping my class! I would love to hear more about your experiences. I would also love more info on the 'unlocking your genius ' PD.