Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Implementation Challenge Reflection

I was given the challenge to find a way to use my physical space to enhance my digital learning environment. Our school is now 1:1 iPad, so we have so much flexibility in our learning ways!

You can see my before and after of my seating arrangement in the videos below.

I decided to create a small group right in front of the Smartboard. My hope was to set up small stations around the room as we studied Enzymes. I was more importantly inspired by the fact that I was being "challenged" to try something--I have had voice and choice in this activity. This in itself inspired me to challenge my students.

I created the document seen here to give my students choice (see #1--that was meant for the Smartboard group I recreated with my desks).

When my students were given time to work, no one needed help at the Smartboard. They headed straight for the hallway to do their challenge or right to a lab station! My desk arrangement was almost not needed for this activity how I hoped it would be used!

Students in the hallway using the iMotion App for their Enzyme Challenge

I still think the purpose of this challenge was met--it was not the physical space that enhanced the learning environment, but rather the fact that I was given voice and choice--so that I could give my students the same voice and choice I have experienced. Most days students are up and at stations doing lab and activities. The benefit now is that they can easily talk to their groups during our current PBL and I have heard great conversations as they have worked together!