Monday, July 30, 2012

Deep in the heart of Texas

We took a trip to San Antonio with my husband's parents last week. It was just great to get away for a few days, be a tourist, and eat yummy food!

Things to do when in San Antonio:
River Walk 
Our hotel was on the river, but not close enough to the river walk, so we too a river taxi. It was fun and relaxing! We also took a river tour which gave us a lot of history of the area. 
Waiting for the river taxi

Good eats!
This place by far was my favorite place to eat. Boudro's bistro...I've never had pan seared tuna before, and I decided to take a risk...and it was amazing! There's great mexican everywhere too!

Go above the river walk...
There's lots of historical places to see,
like this German church (gorgeous door!)...

The Alamo, of course...

And a really cute and quiet German Village off the river called La Villita, with little shops and restaurants to check out.

Do uber touristy things! Like Wonder World...
So this little hide-a-way tourist trap seemed really dorky when we pulled up to it, but for the nerd within me it was fun! We toured a dry cave...which included a visible fault line and the ability to see fossilized mud from the ocean floor, approx 65 mya (yup, nerdy)

There was a little train ride into their animal area...
I've never been this close to deer!
I could only imagine that if you had kids, they would love it!
And that goat---he's a fainting goat. Their legs get paralyzed when they are startled and they fall over. And one little baby goat froze over and "fainted" right on cue! (I will definitely be talking about these guys in school this year!)

They also had an anti-gravity house.
 The house it build in such a way that your body feels heavy and you can't figure out how to walk straight. A complete optical illusion, but too fun.

Oy vey! August is right around the corner and I'm just not ready to give up all the fun yet! Anyone else have fun plans left before school begins? Before you get your kiddos back on school schedule?

Happy Monday and happy vacation time!


  1. Loved San Antonio, the River Walk was just so gorgeous at night with all the lights! We're headed to Chicago, can't believe the school year is almost here!

    1. Chicago! My old stoppin' grounds! Have you been? There's a few places I can suggest! :)

  2. love love love San Antonio!! I lived there for a year when I was 18, and spent every weekend {well almost} eating at Mi Tierra in the market square. New follower =)