Thursday, June 21, 2012

it's the sign of the times

First full day of summer. Yes. Summer has squeezed it's way into our lives. 

oh, the signs of summer:

sleeping past 5:45am
casual, summer reads :)
fruit-snacking...or better yet, poolside fruit-snacking!

DIY projects
workouts at the gym

road-tripping and lakeside memories
taco diner nights
visits from the in-laws, and the outlaws
(as my parents call themselves!)


high ponytail buns
funky playlists

puppy time

actually getting cleaning done around the house
(trust me, my house needs a deep cleaning!)
and baking

I LOVE Summer!

I was inspired by reading Kiki's blog here to share what summer looks like, be sure to check her out!


  1. summer is surely for deep cleaning!!! there is just no time during the school year it seems. I love the title of that book, never work harder than your students, because really, doesn't it feel that way often?!? and the fruit, oh the fruit, I could pretty much eat it by the bucket loads during the summer, by the pool - you've got the right idea!!!

    1. The deep cleaning is SO overwhelming! I want it all done right now--in one day, but then I realize I would fall over and die if I attempted that. So...yesterday I took a break from the "tasks" on my list and went to the pool! :) and yes, fruit was involved!

  2. Thanks for the link back! I love that you added photos to yours...I'll have to do the same next time around! And I agree, summer fruit-snacking is the best. :)

  3. how did you do that fun moving photo? Cheers to summer and hooray for summer reading

    1. it's called an animated gif file. I used my phone with the app "GifBoom." Free app--I know you can make them via the computer too, just haven't asked my hubby how to yet! ;)