Saturday, October 1, 2011


I've been sick. Oy vey. Head cold. Congestion. Kleenex. No bueno. No fun.

...and with that, this past week is the last week of the first 6-weeks of school.  This translates into progress reports going out next week...therefore grades are due. And I'm SO behind on grading...

Within the past couple of weeks, I've felt my teaching job turn into a "to-do list" rather than a "shape the future, impact kids" sort of job.

So while I tried so hard this week to remind myself that it's ok to take care of need rest...just make it through the week... A student I had last year visited me and asked me to wear his football jersey for Teacher Appreciation Day. I really wasn't expecting anyone to come ask me to wear there jersey, especially because I really didn't get a good chance to know the students last year (only having them for 2 months limits you, ya know?). How cool though, volleyball appreciation night AND Varsity Football Appreciation!
To know that I made an just one kid's's worth it. For him to tell me that he enjoyed my class and appreciated changed my perspective. THIS is what it's all about!

I need to make an active effort weekly and daily to remind myself that teaching is not a to-do list. When piles of paper get high (believe me, they are high this weekend!) and the emails keep coming...will I hold on to the thought that I just can't make it anymore with these things to do, or will I remind myself that I am blessed to teach? Blessed to make an impact on the 140 students I see on a daily basis?

What glass lens do you hold in front of you?
Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships.  -Charles Simic 



The grass is greener where you water it.




  1. These are some great quotes. I think my first three years of teaching has been the way you described, fast-paced with no time to breathe and appreciate what I was doing. There were moments where my kids would say or do something that would totally move me and make me remember, "wow, what an incredible job I have". This year, the pacing has slowed down tremendously and I'm able to love teaching even more because of the relationships I have built with my kids.

  2. hang in there Rhoda - I know life right now is super stressful, and you will never feel caught up...that is simply the life of a teacher. You can always find something to do, but it WILL get better. Give it time and hang on in the mean time. And be ready for lots of good fun sickness. Thankfully I taught kindergarten my first year, so I had SO many different kinds of creeping crud I built my teacher immunity in pretty much one year. Sorry if the was TMI, but I know you get it!

    And the jersey thing - too cute. That must feel great!

  3. I loved this post.

    It's so easy to start feeling that way--especially when you have a to-do list full of bureaucratic obligations.

    I'm so glad that you saw the positive side! I completely agree with Jenn--the small things matter so much! It seems like that kind of feedback often comes when you need it. Hang in there and keep loving it! :)

  4. You ladies rock. I love reading your comments! 3 day weekend will hopefully give me some rest and let me recharge my batteries.

    Happy weekend!