Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh Texas Homecoming traditions, you are interesting and expensive

The halls have been buzzing with homecoming festivities all week long. 

I had the opportunity to attend a volleyball game of one of the students I had last year for teacher appreciation night. It was an honor for me, because I only had this student for 2 months at the end of the year (long-term subbing). So cool! And the JV Cowgirls won! 

I decorated my door for a teacher competition. This year's Homecoming theme was "Please Don't Stop the Music." I did not win the competition, but so glad my students got involved! I had them write down lyrics that they liked and tons of them participated! 

I love it :)

Friday was craaazzyy. If you aren't from Texas (which I am not), you won't understand the tradition of the mum and garter.
 This is a mum. The tradition is that the boyfriend/date's mother makes the mum for the girl. It used to be small...a simple flower with ribbon. Now...this. 

 White is for seniors. The bigger the better.

This is a garter for a guy. The girlfriend makes it for their date. The guys wear it around their bicep. 

I just don't get it (sorry Texas friends). They are EXPENSIVE TOO! We're talking a couple hundred dollars! It's can't break tradition! :)

Our Pep Rally was yesterday morning :)

New face for our mascot, Cowboy Carl

Vivacé! performance

What a day! Tonight my husband and I are chaperoning the homecoming dance. It's going to be quite a night I know!

Happy Homecoming festivities friends!


  1. Well, you are right about not understanding that tradition if you're not from is totally lost on me, ha! Hope it was a great dance, must be interesting to be on the chaperoning side of a high school dance...a different view point for sure!

  2. wow that is a crazy tradition - texas is all about bigger the better I hear, this is proving that to be true!

  3. Whoa...gotta have more mum...and garter. They do love it BIG out there don't they??? :-)