Monday, September 5, 2011

We are Coppell hear us yell!

Sorry for the quietness at this blog lately. I had every intention to blog like crazy over this 3 day weekend, but I just wanted to rest...and work. And rest some more.

Carry on...

So Friday we had our school's first Pep Rally. Yes, it was blazing hot out. And yes, our kids were sooo hot from the sun, but there's just something about cheering on your class and watching the competition between teachers :) And that track...oh the glorious 8-laned beauty of the track. I remembered back to being on the track team in high school...I miss that so much!

You wanna know a secret? I've never been to a football game IN MY LIFE! Man, I could that have happened? College didn't have a team (downtown Chicago is sorta hard to find the turf to play on), and I just never went in high school. I'll have to change that and go to a game at my school this year!

I'm so grateful for the time off. But I must keep working my little heart out tonight to prepare for this week (and answer/make random emails...busy busy!).

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Aw! I love pep rallies! The kids get so into them!

    I hope you're loving teaching so far!!! :)

  2. Hi Whitney! I LOVE teaching! I don't really feel stressed, I just feel like I'm always going...always doing something for school...all the time!