Monday, August 22, 2011

Wow, it's been a LONG day!

Long day, but a great day!

Can I just say all the comments here and with my friends on Facebook (or via text) have been so supportive and that has carried me throughout the day. Thank you for those that have prayed for me and who have sent me sweet notes of awesomeness. I love you all!

*5:40am wake-up call. Awesome! Once things get settled, I won't have to get up that early (just getting myself there early "just in case")
*We had a fire alarm go off before school began. Awesome-sauce. note sarcasm.

*note my use of the word "awesome" 3 times already. Now 4.
*My students are super sweet, and quiet (so far).  I have seniors in one class, but I knew them from last year, so they were more chatty, but it was all good! :)
*Heels. Why did I wear heels on the first day of school?! My feet are killing me!
*My snack attack right after 7th period got out. I was so hungry!
*Last but not least, my students really enjoyed the classroom. My seniors paid lots of compliments and some of my other students said they liked it too (like I said, they were very quiet).

Well, it's 8:45pm, I wish I was in bed...but I'm still prepping some things, checking things, doing class website things...but maybe I'll just give up and go to sleep...eeeek...


  1. Yay!! Glad you had a great first day with the kids!! Weird about the fire alarm! Lol!

    Looking forward to your first day outfit pics!!

  2. I feel like the most awkward thing is class that's too quiet. It really sets me on edge, especially when I can't get a response from them. Oh, and I always think I can pull off the heels-thing, but it never works out. I can't remember a time when my feet didn't kill me. Have a great week!

  3. Yay!!! I'm so excited that you have started.

    I agree about the quiet classes--but I tend to just go ahead and acknowledge it and remind them that I need them to participate. It surprisingly works (at least for my students).

    I ALWAYS get hungry before lunch and toward the end of the day. Ack! I'm still not sure how to fight it without eating all day (or hitting up the teacher lounge goodies that always seem to be there).

    And heels are never a good idea for me. I've even stopped wearing them in my non-teacher life. ;)

  4. PS: Awesome is as awesome does. ;)

  5. congrats on a great first day. when i first saw this show up in my blogreader and saw the fire engine I was a little nervous :)

    i wore heels to open house last night.
    heels are not the best idea when you're on your feet all day

  6. Thanks a bunch ladies! It's been quite a busy week!

    Jenn-the class is still quiet...but I got them laughing pretty good yesterday. At least they have a pulse :)

    Whitney- I like the heels cause they give me height (some of my students are taller than me!) I've made it 3 times with heels this week. Every time = pain haha

    Mrs. Hawk- No worries! Just a little steam in the kitchen :)