Monday, July 11, 2011

Organization, Part 1...look good when you organize!

Who says you have to use the "black" binder that has no color and no life?! Ok, well the black binder is definitely cheaper than a pretty one, but I think it's ok to spend a little extra on something that will get used a lot!  If the colors or designs make you happy, then go for it.  You have to look at those things on a daily basis, so you might as well smile when you keep organized, right? :)
And who couldn't love those colors and designs?  Last week I stumbled upon the following items at Target.  They were on sale, and they completely go with the colors that I want to use in my classroom!

file folder pack, note cube, 1" binder (bought 2), and small journals

What are you going to use these items for? Glad you asked!
note cube: for my desk, to jot down a note, or make a quick pass for a student.
 file folders: at my last long term sub job i used this file organizer for student graded work.  i labeled the files with the class period, and put work to be passed back in them.  but careful, if you don't pass back work right away, they get really full! (so it forces you to be on top of graded work)

journals: there's 3 of them.  so far i plan to use one for faculty/department meeting notes, and another for bell work (where i can write out the ? and answer and have a personal log of the bell work for the week)

binders: for my lesson plans, worksheets, and answer keys.  I bought 2, one for each semester.

easy peasy tabs, written in pencil just in case a change needs to be made

student handout/homework in binder, ready to be copied...

and the homework key in a sheet protector (since it will be used a lot, i wanted to protect it)

Since I'm a 1st year teacher, there's so much to get organized!  Good thing I enjoy having my ducks in a row :) If you have any tips on how to keep organized, let me know!  

P.S. I'm linking with Erin's blog here. Check her out, she's lovely!


  1. I sighed with complete empathy--I love school supplies and I could play with them all day long. I love the colors and the organization!

  2. :) school supplies is like candy on halloween! thanks!! :)

  3. Thanks for linking up to my linky party!! What cute organization!