Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Syllabook

You guys, #EveryoneCanCreate. If that's not your mantra yet, then you need my Syllabook Template!

During the first days of school, every teacher hands out their syllabus to students and parents. Oftentimes, they are left on desks when students leave the class and forgotten about! 

Welcome to your #syllabook template! This multitouch book allows for your students and parents to engage with your class as it sets the tone for your learning space.

Here's a video preview of my personal #syllabook:

And I've made a template just for you!! You get a template, and you get a template, and YOU get a template! :)

Here's the ePUB file for download of my own personal book.
Also the template link (Open into Pages, File >> Duplicate)

It's the easiest thing to do. Drag and drop with your favorite images, and copy over your text from your syllabus! I hope you enjoy! And please share your creations! Email them to me, tag me on Twitter (@mrshahn), or use the hashtag #syllabook!

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