Sunday, January 14, 2018

Breakout Edu!

Have you ever done an escape room? If not, Google that and find one to do with a group of friends! They are so much fun and challenging. Even better? Making one yourself!

Breakout Edu is an awesome platform that turns your classroom into an escape room. If you purchase a kit, you will be given a set of physical locks, a large and small box, and few other supplies that allows you to build out the game. You can use the website's already made games by teacher around the world, or like I did, create your own. There is even a feature to use digital locks, so you do not have to buy a kit!

I created a game for my seniors called "Henrietta's Hormones." It was a review of the endocrine system. Here's the story setup:
It was so fun to watch my students collaborate and critically think. I was nervous about doing the game as an entire class (that's a lot of people for 1 puzzle!), but they were totally into it! They used their strengths to beat the clock! 
Hands down, you can't tell me that an 80 minute lecture is the best way to learn! Time and time again, when my students are actively learning, they are happy, I'm happy, and they are remembering what they learn! Always so proud of them!

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