Thursday, October 6, 2016

Instructional Design Reflection

This year I have picked up a course I used to teach two years ago! I am teaching DP/AP Biology and it's been fun to have my freshmen from two years ago. We've picked up the same place we were and we are taking a fun journey together.

I am also excited to continue using iTunes U as a platform for content and Google Classroom (first time this year). These platforms allow me to use several learning theories, such as behavioral, cognitive, and constructivist approaches, to support all learners and help them achieve a deep level understanding of mastery.

The following plan is a redeveloped backwards design of a unit I am currently working on with my eleventh graders, The Cell. I'm currently in this unit (started it this week) and will be building the course out in iTunes U.

This new course can be found here: Biology-Understanding our Living World

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