Friday, October 28, 2016

A Look Into My Cell Course

So I've finished creating my iTunes U Unit for The Cell for my DP/AP Biology students. Here's a glimpse if you have not seen an iTunes U course below:

This is a sample of what a post looks like, with instructions

This is a sample of what an assignment looks like with attached materials.

Since my students have been in a 1:1 iPad environment and have had me as a teacher in the past, most of them only needed a refresher on how to use iTunes U. Now, they are very self-sufficient and know how my course works. I utilize the posts above to provide instructions and almost all documents they will need. I also include extra pieces for those that need further study. This also allows for me to "house" these documents somewhere and I can access them to provide extra tutoring to students. Because my course is public, I use Google Classroom as my dropbox and to have online discussion (if you use a private course, you can set up dropboxes for your class and private class discussions-pretty neat!

It's been great making this unit along with learning about online courses in my graduate course!

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