Friday, April 29, 2016

What Do You Do Next After a 1:1 iPad Initiative?

What really needs to happen after a technology initiative has been established? How does an initiative go from being an "initiative" to something more? Several case studies highlight the successes and the pitfalls of growing Information & Computer Technology (ICT) plans from around the world. Governments and educational organizations globally are beginning to implement technology as a way to provide equal opportunity for all learners. This is causing positive and negative changes in policy, community opinions, and teacher support. While there are great strides being made through the use of ICT, there are still improvements that can be made globally. These improvements and problems are opportunities, not setbacks, for the evolution of education as a whole.

Below is a response to these global studies: the successes, the areas of concern, and what we can learn from them in response to a two year 1:1 iPad implementation.

To end, I think this video from Tom Daccord, Director of EdTechTeacher, brings great perspective.

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