Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Study of Leading Organizational Change

In the last five weeks, I have been studying best practices of leading organizational change, focused on technology implementation. Leadership is a tricky thing; it's really about understanding yourself and position within an organization, looking past the anxiety and emotions that may come from change, and create an environment where specific behaviors occur that ultimately lead you to your end goal.

Leadership goes beyond the heart. It's more than a Ted Talk.

In the link at the bottom of this post, I have studied the following things that are essential to leading successful change through technology implementation:

  • Communicating to teachers the Why, How, and What of what you represent as a school is key in guiding staff to understand the purpose of using technology in the classroom.
  • Identifying vital behaviors and six sources of influence are essential to see increased use of iPads by teachers and administration.
  • How to execute a plan of increasing iPad use by teachers and administration using the 4DX model.

I believe that we are a school on the brink of something big for our kids; we strive every day to inspire our students to achieve their highest potential through the IB Learner Profile. We desire that our students have an internationally minded education that is well-balanced. We want them to be life long learners. It is our time to explore how we can make a conscious effort to support each other in our 1:1 iPad learning transformation to be the best school we can be!

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