Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Innovation of Technology

After studying disruptive innovations via technology for the last month, I have created a video that summarizes steps that can be taken at my current school to learn from the past, cultivate the present, and prepare for the future by utilizing our 1:1 iPad initiative as a catalyst for change. This video is meant to spark conversation and to get the ball rolling! Enjoy!

See the original YouTube Video here.


  1. Nicely done, Rhoda! I love the incorporation of the school mascot and the bg music. Nice touches. I also like the contrast of live video and text. Good job with the parallel text construction to. You've got some great hooks!

    1. Thank you Curtis for your feedback! Hey--send me a link to your video, I'd love to comment and check it out also!

  2. Love this video! So inspiring...! If your audience has watched Shift happens (any of the 1234567 versions), and any videos of what 21st century education looks like - or doesn't... ;-) This video helps putting all those thoughts together and reflecting on coming up with ways to take action and make a positive impact in our world. Well done Rhoda!