Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So remember that one time I blogged ALL THE TIME?

September...that was the last time I was here! I think that only shows you how busy the year has been. 

I just finished my 2nd year of teaching freshmen and juniors/seniors biology. It was an AMAZING year! And this summer I need to do some healthy reflection of all the new things I implemented this last year. 

My blog will still have it's random daydreams of DIY, teacher/summer fashion (I can't stay away from that!), and our new adventures in BUILDING a home! But hopefully if you are a teacher, you'll find this blog a place to learn and reflect along side of me. I'll share my experiences if you will too :)

So, while I step back in to this crazy blogging business...let me leave you with this-

5 Things that I've done (so far) this summer:

1. Saw my seniors graduate (ok, so that's not really a summer thing, but I'm so proud of them and have to include them here!).
Yes, most of them are taller than me!

2. MOVED: Yes, we moved. We're building a home in a new town (time to position ourselves in a better place for our commute). New home due @ the end of October! For the mean time, we'll hang at my parents house with this beautiful backyard oasis (it's becoming a new relaxing getaway for me!)

Parentals backyard. Way back there are some fancy chickens :)

3. iPadPalooza! Ok, yes, a bit of nerdiness going on this early into summer, but our school is going 1:1 iPads in the fall and we've got a lot of work to do before then! Exciting!
iPadpalooza in Austin

4. Pooltime: 2 weeks after school was out I managed to make it to the pool. If you know me...that's 2 weeks too long!

5. Friendship time: A dear friend of mine was in town and we got the chance to hang out. I love catching up with besties!

Back to relaxing for just a moment before I truly begin to reflect on all that this last year's had to offer!


  1. congrats on finishing your second year!! happy summer!!!!

  2. welcome back to blog land - I have been pretty bad with my teaching posts this year too, and hopefully I'll get a few up this summer! congrats on finishing another year, and 1 to 1 iPads next year?!? awesome, have fun and hope all your extra work really pays off!!!

  3. we are totally twinsies as I didn't blog at all this past year either...it was a HORRIBLe year for me though..eeek. Glad to see you are back in blogland.

    1. I hope you are rested this summer and praying for a great year next year!