Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cheek Cells and Clinical Simulations

It has been quite a busy season! Can you believe November is next week!? WOO! I get a week off for Thanksgiving and I just can't wait!

School has been kickin' my tail. Everything is good...real good, but I will admit I had that "what am I doing here-this is overwhelming" moment last week. Phew. I survived.

My Pre-AP Biology classes just went through a PBL (project based learning) where they diagnosed a patient of a "cell organelle" related disease. Yeah, I went all science on you! ;)

My students have looked at cheek cells and onion cells...
 Actual Cheek cells from lab 

Actual onion cells from lab

They spent some time skyping with a doctor to learn more about bedside manners and the daily life of a doctor.

And they finished their project by conducting their "Doctoral Symposium" and I must say I am so proud of them. They were all into their roles and really showed enthusiasm!
I'm proud of my students! And I'm glad this project was successful! 

Happy Saturday! 

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