Saturday, July 30, 2011

A guide for your lovely locks, Day 3: Here's where you get really creative

The 3rd day (2 days without washing hair) can be a stressful day if your hair isn't used to not being washed. For a while this was my last day before I would wash it again.

I spent all morning working on curriculum with my hair on the top of my head (I knew I was going to curl it a bit today).

And when I took it down I got this:
LOTS of volume. I think my volume really stays put because of how I dry my hair (all those volumizing products and metal brush action from Day 1).

By day 3, I curl or wave my hair. By this day, my hair is getting close to needing wash, and if I keep it straight it's bad-news-bears. (And yes, at this point I definitely use my Psssst Dry Shampoo!!)
(Tomorrow I'll show you how I really really curl hair and give lots of tips)

*One easy tip now: curl away from the face, not toward. The curls just look better this way.
(I mainly use this 1.5" curling iron, and a flat iron.)

*For quick wave in my hair, aka the messy hair look, I curl away from my face and I do it faster than I would normally curl my hair. I just don't let the heat set for very long, so the curls aren't as tight as they normally could be (sorry if that's confusing!)

I just picked random places around my hair, working my way up to the top of my head. 
 See how they are more of waves, rather than curls?

Hairspray and you're done!

I didn't want to keep my hair down, so I pinned some of it back loosely with a bobby pin.

I still didn't feel finished so I added a flowery headband (a black laced flower headband).

 I wasn't sure if it made my "I'm just wearing my chucks and chillin'" outfit too fancy, but I think it worked out fine!
 What do ya think?!

Some Tips:
*If you are trying to train your hair to last through this day...put it up in a ponytail, or wear a hat. No one will know!
*If I know that I plan to curl my hair the next day (or later on in the day), I can freely put my hair up in a high bun and let the wave naturally come. That helps in the curling process!
*I recommend a heat protectant if you can help it. I don't have a good one to recommend, but I've heard good things about this one:

Hanna Shield--I really wanna try it!
How do you style your hair when you haven't washed it for a day or two?
And a puppy update: 
They are cute!!!
Roxy (left), Nikko (right)
Roxy is a rockstar at house training! Nikko...well...he's a little late to arrive at the party.

Here's a video of the two of them sharing a bone, and my lil man pops in toward the end (Wicket has been jealous and trying to steal that bone away!)

Tomorrow's my last hair tips post. It's typically the day that I really want to wash my hair, but curling it makes me feel oh so happy! :)


  1. I commend you on the hair. After one day my hair feels like a major grease pit, lol! I've even tried to dry shampoo but it jusn't want to do anything!

    The pups are adorable! I love the name Roxy :)


  2. Thanks Heather! Now, I don't always do this I should say (I make it 4 days a lot though!) It's so nice not to have to take 1 hour everyday to try to get ready and walk out the door!

  3. LOVE this!! I need all the tips I can get when it comes to my hair..I have no styling skills ha! Your puppies are too cute

  4. Thanks Lindsay. Let me know how things go with the tips! :)