Who is this lady?

 Hi! My name is Rhoda Hahn, or Mrs. Hahn to my students!  Fall 2012 will be my second year teaching high school biology.
 Steve and I
The top ten things you need to know about my science background:
1. I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in biological sciences.
2. I got my degree in exactly 4 years (yes, it is possible!)
3. I was a pre-med student until my junior year of college, when (to make a long story short) I decided becoming a doctor was not the lifestyle I wanted.  I can honestly say I never thought I would become a teacher, but I am so glad that life's journey lead me here! 
4. Since I was a pre-med student, I also took physics as well as chemistry (up through Organic chemistry). 
5. During my second year of college, I shadowed my mother (who is an RN) during open-heart surgery...very intense and amazing!
6. I LOVE biology!  I love studying the way living things work.
7. My favorite area of biology is the study of human body systems and how they work.
8. My second favorite thing in biology is DISSECTIONS! :)
9. I do not know everything there is to know about biology, and if I do not know something, I'll be honest with you and we can discover the answer together.
10. Biology really is my favorite subject!

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The top ten things you need to know about about me (yes, teachers are people too!)
1. I am married to the coolest and cutest guy I know, Steve.  He is a web and graphic designer.  We've dated since high school and July 2012 was our 4th anniversary. 
2. My husband and I both grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and lived in Chicago during our college years.  We moved to Texas in 2008, seven months after we graduated from UIC and five months after we got married.
my kind of town

3. We own a little puppy and his name is Wicket.  He is a five pound, 2 year old Morkie (Yorkie + Maltese).  He is SMART and way too cute.

little laundry helper

4. I enjoy running (but not during this three-digit degree Texas weather) and working out.  If I'm not running, you'll find me in the gym doing Zumba!
second half marathon
5. I love DIY projects!
6. I ran track in high school: high and low hurdles, 4x400, and pole vaulted.  I was also involved in Youth Alive (sort of like FCA), and was an editor of the Yearbook for two years.
7. In our household, we support Texas sports, but our hearts bleed for the White Sox and Chicago Bears.  Sorry, Chicago forever!! :)
8. I thrive in organization.  It may be dorky for some, but being organized and having a game plan makes whatever I am doing much more manageable! (Post-It notes are my friend!)
9. While I was a top 10% student in high school, the "smarts" didn't come easy.  I had to work very hard to get the grades that I got.
10. Ever since I graduated high school, I've been working with students in student ministry.  I love high schoolers!  You guys rock!

Last but not least, I love Jesus Christ. He sustains me and lays my steps before my feet daily. Without Him, I would be nothing!  So grateful for the Lord in my life!