Instructional Design for Digital Learning Environments

Developing significant learning environments in a 1:1 iPad classroom often includes the need for proper instructional design in an online or blended platform. In order to go from the iPad substituting worksheets to students constructing their own meaning, strategically developing digital learning environments and lessons with different online platforms is necessary.

By developing a "Big Hairy Audacious Goal" (BHAG) for a course or unit, instructional design can be built intentionally, with learning objectives, activities, and assessment identified clearly. I have modeled this through the continued development of my iTunes U course for Grade 11, DP Biology students--Biology: Understanding Our Living World (can be downloaded onto an iOS device on the iTunes U app). Below you can read about the BHAG and 3-Column table of learning objectives, activities, and assessments:
I have learned over five years of developing hybrid (face-to-face and online) courses that designing learning environments can be a challenge for teachers if they are used to traditional teaching methods. This type of instructional design asks a teacher to move toward student-centered learning and authentic learning experiences for students. The role of technology campus facilitators is key in the support that teachers need to grow as designers of learning environments. Read the following to learn about the importance of developing instructional design skills:
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