A Culture of Innovation

Disruptive Innovation:
A term coined by Clayton Christensen, technology is a perfect disruptive innovator that increases accessibility to learning, simplifies tasks, and brings convenience to digital natives as they learn.

A study of educational technology trends shows us that learning spaces, learning practices, and professional development are being shaped by advancements in technology. Secondly, a study of global technology trends shows us that in some areas of the world, vision and leadership, professional development, and infrastructure of learning environments are enhanced by technology. In well-advanced areas of the world, such as America, a lack of support and vision has brought the development of the culture of innovation to a screeching halt.

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It is imperative that teachers feel equipped in this digital world to lead students to be innovators and out of the box thinkers. This video describes the role of educators and administrators at my current school to learn from the past, cultivate the present, and prepare for the future by utilizing our 1:1 iPad learning environments as a catalyst for change.
The Innovation Project:
I view technology as an opportunity and catalyst that enhances learning experiences for all students. When support is not provided to students and teachers, however, technology becomes an obstacle, rather than a disruptive innovation. 

To meet the demands of a 1:1 technology environment (specifically iPads), the following statement can sum up my innovation project: 

Through evaluating our current status, providing differentiated professional development for staff, and crafting a common vision, both students and teachers will achieve their highest potential as they collaborate, communicate, create, and think critically in a global technology infused learning environment.

The following link provides a detailed framework of how technology integration can be manageable and full of growth and achievement for teachers and students:

In the last fifteen months this innovation plan has evolved. A reflection of the learning process, lessons learned, and how I will continue to promote this innovation project can be seen on the following post:
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