Assessing Digital Learning and Environments

To understand if digital learning environments are successful requires looking at trends across technology implementation projects. Growth and change should be measured in order to understand the next steps an organization needs to take to improve. Understanding vision and leadership, professional development and infrastructure are just a few elements that should be considered when assessing the success of digital learning environments.

A review of global educational technology projects can be read here:
"If you can define the outcome you really want, give examples of it, and identify how those consequences are observable, then you can design measurements that will measure the outcomes that matter."
-Douglas W. Hubbard, How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of "Intangibles" in Business

Assessing the instructional impact of implementing technology is valuable for growth and development of effective digital learning environments. Measuring where staff are in the process of integrating technology is important to assess. Read a literature review on assessing digital learning and instruction here:
To measure a 1:1 iPad Learning Environment, the following presentation has been developed based upon these literature reviews of successes, failures, and next steps seen across educational studies.